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Why Dunkin' Employees Can't Have Acrylic Nails

Food safety is a priority in every fast-food joint and fast-casual restaurant, and almost anyone who's worked in the food industry says that fake nails are a big no-no. While accounts of plastic nails floating in food are seemingly more urban legend, there are many rules and regulations on nails, especially at popular coffee chain Dunkin'.

The no-artificial-nails directive seems to hold for all Dunkin’ franchise locations, yet according to Dunkin' employees on Reddit, some Dunkin' sites allow gels without false extensions as these are way less likely to pop off. Also, a Dunkin' employee from a Florida franchise specifically details nail-related rules such as no artificial nails and a limitation on natural nails.

The FDA's 2017 Food Code states that "a food employee may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed food," although plastic gloves are acceptable. The food code may be adopted, not required, by "local, state, and federal governmental jurisdictions" at will, and in this case, it makes sense for Dunkin’ to follow FDA-compliant policy nationwide.