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Why Fried Chicken Might Taste Different From The Deli
Fried chicken from the deli tastes different from fast food chicken for a reason. While fast-food joints have their own secret ingredient in fried chicken — like KFC's infamous 11 herbs and spices — some grocery store delis may use a blend from Alabama-based Wynn's Grain & Spice.
The brand's most popular breadings include their "All Natural Crimson Breading" and their "Fiery Hot Breading." One of the key ingredients in Wynn's breadings is paprika, which gives the chicken a "mouthwatering golden-brown finish," according to a spokesperson for the brand.
When the hot chicken was taking off in 2018, the seasoning company developed an extra spicy blend. "Seasonings allow retailers to play with innovative flavor combinations by topping fried chicken with a signature flavor for a limited time," Wynn's spokesperson noted in a statement.