CATHEDRAL CITY, CA - MAY 9:  A line-up of In-N-Out, Carl's Jr, and Del Taco fast food restaurants are viewed along Interstate 10 on May 9, 2022 in Cathedral City, California. The Coachella Valley, located along Interstate 10 and south to the Salton Sea, is home to dozens of municipalities and boosts a winter population of 800,000 residents but drops to 400,000 residents in the hot summer months. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

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Why Hardee's And Carl's, Jr. Restaurants Are About To Majorly Change
According to reports, CKE Restaurant Holdings Inc. — the parent company of both Hardee's and Carl's, Jr. — will be giving the restaurants an overhaul over the next four to six years that includes updating equipment as well as technology. Digital menu boards are being tested out, in addition to dual drive-thru lanes and the use of artificial intelligence to take orders.
Matthew Walls, chief global development officer of CKE Restaurant Holdings Inc., revealed to Forbes that the exteriors of some locations will be getting a makeover, including color switch-ups, new signage, and even "new towers to add height." There is no word yet whether Happy Star, the two restaurants' "iconic shared logo-turned-mascot" will be sticking around.
Wall noted, "The exterior is what every guest sees before they decide to pull in. We are really focused on ensuring the outside of our stores is parallel to everything else we're doing." Following the initial phase, which was launched in a Columbia location two years ago and led to improved sales, over 500 locations will be updated with an expected total cost of around $500M.