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Why In-N-Out Pledged Never To Offer Delivery
As far as fast food goes, In-N-Out is the crown jewel due to their commitment to quality and freshness in an era of convenience and food delivery apps galore. In fact, In-N-Out has not only resisted the urge to partake in apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more — they’ve opted out of delivery altogether.
While the burger chain has never been about putting profit over quality, and as such, In-N-Out won't expand further than 300 miles of their production facilities because they refuse to sell frozen patties. No location has a freezer or a microwave, guaranteeing freshly cooked, real food for all of their adoring customers.
In 2015, In-N-Out sued DoorDash for offering its products, citing concerns of food safety as there's no way to determine how long it would take for a burger to get from restaurant to customer. In-N-Out is proud that its customers can rely on good food, and it's nice to know there is at least one business that puts customers first.