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Why Lay's Is Applauding Big Brother's Newest Winner
Taylor Hale — a 27-year-old personal stylist — was declared the winner of the CBS show “Big Brother.” Having survived immense adversity and multiple eviction risks, Hale finally became the first Black woman to win the competition, and among the many congratulating her was Lay’s.
Lay’s was especially vocal in lauding Hale’s win due to several instances during Season 24 when Hale could be seen snacking on some of the brand’s potato chips. Chips were a source of comfort for Hale, who went through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the filming process.
While receiving her grand prize of $750,000, Hale said, “I'm gonna spend a lot of money at the mall. Also I think I have to go and buy some potato chips after this.” The brand congratulated her by saying, “You deserve all praise,” and joking that it was “screaming, crying, throwing up,” with emotion.