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Why McDonald's Temporarily Stopped Selling The McGriddle
Taking orders from the all-day breakfast menu and the regular menu, while also adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, created chaos for McDonald’s employees during the pandemic. To remedy this, McDonald’s axed its all-day breakfast program, temporarily removing the beloved McGriddle.
Fortunately, McDonald's said that it would return the McGriddle, along with the other departed breakfast menu items, as soon as possible. And while McDonald's all-day breakfast doesn't appear to be returning anytime soon, McGriddles are currently available at McDonald’s U.S. locations.
McDonald's employees, however, found all-day breakfast to be an incredible hassle amidst the lunch and dinner rush. Many McDonald’s employees voiced their displeasure on a 2021 Reddit thread, with one user noting that the all-day breakfast program may return to appease irritated customers.