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Why People Are In Shambles Over A Panda Express Article
Most Americans have probably heard of the fast-food giant Panda Express, which describes itself as American Chinese. However, the author of an article in the Village Sun — an online community newspaper in NYC — who hadn’t heard of the fast-food chain ended up incurring the wrath of Twitter users.
The article begins by saying that a new restaurant coming to the East Village can give a “bit of competition” to the local Japanese place. It talks of the history of prior businesses in the area — described as a “sketchy scene” — and adds how “most native New Yorkers probably have never even heard of Panda Express.”
Many Twitter users responded to the article, with one user posting a poll asking “Have you ever heard of Panda Express?” — to which 92.1% of people answered affirmatively. When Today reached out to the author Lincoln Anderson, he replied, “Sorry to all the outraged and over-the-top Twitter posters, but I was NOT that familiar with Panda Express!”