"Carlsbad,California USA - Nov 23rd, 2012: Shopping carts ready for Black Friday shopping lined up at a Costco discount store in Downtown Carlsbad, California. Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving holiday is one of the United States largest retail shopping days before Christmas, typically retailers discount all of their products on this day.Mobilestock"

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Why People Prefer Costco Over Sam’s Club, According To Reddit
Even before inflation sent customers searching for bargains on household necessities, bulk retailers, like Costco and Sam’s Club, were popular, and for good reason. For the price of a yearly membership fee, members can stock up on bulk items, saving money and future trips to the store; while at first glance the two stores seem similar, it’s clear there’s a fan-favorite.
One Redditor wanted to know why people would choose to shop at Costco over Sams’ Club, and the thread quickly came to life, with most people professing loyalty to Costco for a variety of reasons. Some people praised Costco’s return policy, while others criticized the Waltons, who own Sam’s Club, for the unlivable wages they pay their workers.
The most common praise by far seems
to be that Costco has higher quality products. According to one user,
“Costco has a reputation for quality
that Walmart/Sam’s Club does not”;
this sentiment was echoed by many others from factory workers to truckers and printers who had encountered Costco’s exacting standards.