Hand seasoning meat with salt.

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Why Professional Chefs Always Salt Meat Twice When Grilling
Salt not only accentuates the flavors of meat, but also affects it on a molecular level to help produce mouth-watering textures. Generally, meat should be salted 45 minutes or more before cooking to allow the seasoning to work, but when it comes to grilling, pro chefs salt their meat not once but twice.
Properly brined meat retains its juiciness better than non-salted alternatives, so pre-salting the meat makes it harder to overcook once it hits the grill, and ensures a delicious crust. However, some of this initial salt naturally falls off while on the grill, so pro grillmasters salt the meat again after it comes off the heat.
Chefs use higher-quality finishing sea salt with larger flakes because it adds a satisfying texture to the dish; flavored finishing salts can also add spice, smoke, herbaceousness, or other tastes to your cooked meat. Hence, pro chefs split salt's dual roles to ensure proper cooking and accentuate the meat’s flavor.