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Why Putting Cheap Vodka Through A Brita Is Making A Comeback

TikTok has rediscovered a Brita hack that might filter out some harsh flavors in value priced spirits such as cheap vodka. Passing vodka through the Brita filter can help to reduce impurities in the liquid, create less of a “burn” factor, and diminish vodka’s harsh aroma.

The idea of using a Brita filter to make less expensive vodka taste better seems to be a smart, budget-conscious option over pricier brands. TikTok user CallMeBelly posted a taste test of filtered vodka, prompting users to comment about their personal experiences validating the beverage hack.

However, this hack is not one of Brita's suggested uses. As one Spoon University writer determined, even after using the Brita hack, the alcohol is not filtered out, and drinking shot after shot can still lead to a little haziness around the edges.