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Why Queen Elizabeth's Death Just Changed Celebrity Masterchef

September 8 marked the end of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The longstanding monarch’s passing sets off changes within the UK government, while in the royal family, roles are already changing, as Prince Charles stepped in to take over the monarchy as King Charles III, with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, becoming the Queen Consort.

The queen's passing has also spurred internet-wide changes; the royal family's website is currently down to honor the late queen, and celebrities worldwide have posted their sentiments via social media. The queen's death also affects some of the UK's most popular shows; "Celebrity Masterchef" postponed its September 9 show based on the episode's content.

The episode was to include the celebrity chefs' creating a dish in tribute to the late queen's recently celebrated Jubilee. Some fans were unhappy about the episode’s postponement, with one tweeting, "What a cult we all live in," and another adding, "This is ridiculous;" still, they will have to wait while the UK's beloved Queen Elizabeth II is honored.