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Why Reddit Is In A Tizzy About Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar, which features 24 375ml-sized bottles of wine from places like Italy, Hungary, and South Africa, made its way into the stores in September 2022. However, some Costco shoppers aren’t impressed with the $99.99 collection, heading over to Reddit to express their anger.
A Reddit post regarding Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar received mixed reviews, with several people pointing out that December was many months away. One user pointed out that supplies were limited, commenting, “They'll run through their stock before next Sunday and that'll be it for the season.”
Angry at the wine quality, one user commented, “The quality of those wines suck, [...] Costco should be ashamed to sell them,” while another “found one wine out of the [24] that [they] would buy again.” However, one Redditor was surprised by “all the hate it’s getting” since they enjoyed the 2021 selection, and even Buzzfeed noted that at around $4/ bottle, the wines were good value.