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Why Reddit Says Most Costco Locations Don't Have Self-Checkout
On a busy weekend when you wait in a long queue waiting to get your items scanned, you might have wondered why Costco doesn’t provide self-scanning devices, but you’re not the only one. A recent Reddit thread revealed why some people think you won't find self-checkout stations at most Costco locations across the country.
While self-checkout stations might benefit customers, they might not be so beneficial for Costco as a business. In a Reddit thread about why most Costco locations no longer have a Self Scan checkout option, the original poster said it "was ended due to inventory loss." This means that customers were taking advantage of the system and stealing merchandise through the Self Scan.
"This is why we can't have nice things," one person commented, while another hypothesized it was "most likely due to people scanning cheaper items to get the right count, but putting more expensive but similar items in the cart." It's worth noting that Costco apparently does have some self-service lanes and more could be coming to the popular retailer at some point.