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Why Shareholders Are Suing Costco Over Its Rotisserie Chickens
If you’re a Costco shopper, you know about the $4.99 rotisserie chicken which is a Costco must-buy. But two shareholders have filed a lawsuit against the chain and its executive management, alleging that these chickens are being raised in an inhumane manner. Here’s what the plaintiffs want in this shareholder derivative suit.
The complaint alleges that the chain's executives are mistreating the chickens while being fully aware of their wrongdoing. They want the responsible Costco executives to be permanently banned from forcing the company to raise its chickens in the alleged unlawful manner. They also want access to Costco chicken farms to ensure that the chicken-raising practices follow the law.
In addition, they want the executives to reimburse Costco for all damages and liabilities that may arise because Costco broke the law, along with the plaintiff shareholders' court costs and legal fees. Although a win for the plaintiffs could mean better lives for chickens, it will impact Costco’s ability to keep charging $4.99 per chicken and also cause losses for Costco.