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Why Snickers' Controversial Candy Design Is Turning Heads

Recently, Snickers fan Tasha Mack pointed out a controversial change in Snickers’ candy design that shocked everyone. Mack tweeted a picture of her unwrapped Snickers bar that didn’t have the iconic chocolate drizzle on top, captioning it, "WHO TOOK THE D*** VEIN OUT OF SNICKERS!!"

The smooth, veinless candy bar sparked a ton of outrage, confusion, and laughter among candy lovers, and Snickers eventually had to step in to set the record straight. The brand posted a promotional image of its candy and reassured shoppers that the "VEINS REMAIN" in each bar.

Snickers then proceeded to trade Twitter innuendos with brands like Twix, Skittles, and even Grindr. When Twix tweeted "phew...close call," over the fact that the "veins remain," Snickers shot back with "Waiting for the day you show yours off" — a suggestive interaction that got a "wtf" from Grindr.

Luckily for fans of the original Snickers candy design, Snopes officially denied the rumor that Snickers ever planned to get rid of the chocolate's iconic texture. The fact-checking team explained that Mack's chocolate most likely partially melted and then re-solidified without the vein.