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Why The 'Garlic Rocket' Could Be A Kitchen Game Changer

Over the years, garlic has been enjoyed in various forms and incorporated into a variety of dishes, but things can get a little messy, especially if you're working with fresh cloves. However, one man has designed a device that can make crushing garlic one of the easiest culinary tasks to accomplish.

The Garlic Rocket crushes whole garlic cloves in a matter of seconds, saving the user time and energy. Its inventor, Peter Bindner, created the handheld appliance for home cooks of all skill levels and strengths, and also claims that it prevents “garlic smelling fingers.”

"The biggest garlic innovation for more than 100 years" fits up to three unpeeled garlic cloves, and with a few twists of a lever, you can enjoy freshly minced garlic. Once the Garlic Rocket officially hits the market, it could be a massive hit in kitchens everywhere.

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