BERKSHIRE - SEP 18: John Simpson dives into his baking task for the Comic Relief special episode of the Great British Bake Off for sport relief 2016 in Bekshire, England."u2028"u2028(Photo by Ian Tuttle/Comic Relief/Getty Images)

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Why The Great British Baking Show Really Films In A Tent
American viewers are curious as to why "The Great British Baking Show" (known as "Great British Bake Off" in the UK) is filmed outside in a tent. One can imagine that outside temperatures and humidity levels might have side effects on the contestants' creations, but the tent is actually important to the show's British origins.
The "GBBO" tent is meant to evoke "village fetes," local celebrations often thrown during the summer in British towns. Village fetes sell baked goods, jams, and other homemade treats, feature entertainment stalls, and bring people together to celebrate the bounty of the land and their local communities, likely under homey fairground tents.
On one occasion when "GBBO" was filmed outside the giant tent, baking became much harder for the contestants, not easier. The final three contestants of Season 8 were tasked with cooking pita bread over an open fire, and had to bake their dough without burning it — a hectic challenge, to say the least.