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Why The Internet Is Roasting Domino's Response To The Queen's Death
Found in 90-plus international markets, Domino's Pizza has taken some punches lately, most recently the closing of 23 locations in Italy due to lack of interest. In response to the queen's death on Thursday, Domino's Pizza U.K. stated via Twitter, "Everyone at Domino's joins the nation and the world in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal family."
The message was not well received and although the company blocked users from commenting on the tweet, over 2,500 reposted, adding their thoughts on the tribute. Some joked about the post, with one user stating "Now that Domino's has weighed in, we can heal. In 30 minutes or less."
Another, more cynical user, stated, "a touching statement but definitely hoping to cash in on people in mourning not being able to cook dinner and ordering a takeaway instead." Although it's tempting for companies to stay relevant by being a part of every discussion, “The Takeout” writes that it's okay for food brands to exercise the "don't post" option, which can be just as loud.