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Why The Internet Thought Queen Elizabeth Once Threw Food
At Kids
There have been many rumors surrounding Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family, such as the debunked belief that the queen drank four alcoholic beverages daily. Another allegation arose following the queen’s passing when a video popped up that people claim depicts Queen Elizabeth tossing food at children.
A video surfaced on Facebook with the caption, “This is the Queen herself throwing food to African kids like chicken and then you all have the audacity to post and type Rest in [Peace].” A lady with a large hat can be seen tossing something for children to grab, but the video is from famed French filmmakers the Lumière brothers.
Its title translates to “Annamese children picking up cash in front of the Ladies’ Pagoda” and was filmed about a quarter-century before the queen was born. Though the food-throwing claim was proven false, some still protest mourning Queen Elizabeth, as she represents the painful history of British colonialism in Africa and other places.