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Why There's Only One
Pair Of
Whataburger Nikes In The World

Fast-food chains offer not only food to customers but also have merchandise items to represent the brand. Burger chain Whataburger took it further and partnered with Nike for a special pair of custom-made Air Jordan shoes.

According to Eater, Whataburger took advantage of its cult following and hired San Antonio-based artist Jake Danklef to create a custom-made pair of Air Jordans decked out in the restaurant chain's signature colors. These shoes were designed specifically for first prize in an online contest back in 2017 called "WhataThoseContest."

Danklef also designed other shoes for the second and third prizes. The second prize was a pair of black-and-red slip-ons with the words "Spicy" and "Ketchup" written across them, while the third prize was a low-top white sneaker decorated with colorful "sticker" prints similar to its burger wrappers.