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Why TikTok Says You Should Avoid 5-Star Rated Chinese Food
In a TikTok post that has gone viral, Freddie Wong revealed his criteria for tracking down the perfect Chinese restaurant. Wong claimed, "The easiest way to find authentic Chinese food…is to go on Yelp and look for restaurants with three and a half stars… it’s the sweet spot for authentic Chinese food."
Wong explained that ratings higher than 3.5 stars are predominantly given by Americans who are more likely to scrutinize ambiance and service. He clarified, "Cultural expectations for service in Asia are different. [People on Yelp are] dinging the restaurants because the service is bad, but the food balances it out."
Freddie Wong's TikTok resonated with many users on Twitter. However, when one user challenged Wong saying their brother-in-law's authentic Chinese restaurant was rated 4.5 stars, Wong replied, "There are always exceptions to the rule, but I have found 3.5 as a good rule of thumb sweet spot."