The classic rock,paper,scissors game over white background. Composed from three separate shots.

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Why Trader Joe's Is A Hotspot For Gen Z Date Nights

With nearly two billion views on TikTok, "Trader Joe's Date Night" is a new viral trend for Gen Z’ers, as the hashtags #traderjoesdatenight and #traderjoesdatenightchallenge are popping up by the hundreds. Kicking it old-school with Rock! Paper! Scissors!, couples shop the aisles of Trader Joe's, throwing down over who gets to choose each course for dinner.

Trader Joe's appeal to Gen Z’ers — with healthy snacks with natural ingredients, international flavors and spices, plant-based food, and healthy microwavable meals — provides endless combinations of meal choices. The date night challenge allows couples to compete over the beverage, appetizer, entree, side, and dessert and still be healthy.

Although this Trader Joe’s viral trend was initially targeted toward Gen Z’ers, the fun Rock! Paper! Scissors! way to pick a meal is not just for romantic dates — friends and family are joining in the fun too. Since "I don't care," is usually the answer to "What do you want for dinner?" this trend is a welcome change, regardless of your age.