Traditional Italian bolognese

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Why Traditional Italian Bolognese Has No Tomato Sauce At All
Most Americans are used to a version of spaghetti bolognese featuring bright red tomato-centric sauce, with some recipes including mushrooms and lentils for extra health and bulk. However, when it comes to traditional Italian bolognese, there aren't any of these twists — and there's actually no tomato sauce in it at all.
Referred to in Italian as ragù alla bolognese, this meat-centric sauce traditionally starts with the soffrito: a mix of aromatic vegetables like onion, celery, and carrot that provides a base upon which to build flavor. Next comes the meat, typically ground or diced beef or veal, and fatty pork like pancetta to add a bit of salt.
Spices like salt, black pepper, and nutmeg sweat out even more flavor while the meat sautés and braises before white wine and milk or heavy cream is added to deglaze the dish and give it depth. Bolognese is one of those nostalgic meals that people keep going back to, so for the most traditional version, skip the tomatoes.