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Why Twitter Is Coming After Michael Symon's Scrambled
Egg Recipe
Scrambled eggs often bring out the competitive side of chefs, so it’s not surprising that when Food Network shared celebrity chef Michael Symon’s scrambled eggs recipe on Twitter, fans and home cooks alike had a lot to say. Never the one to back down, Symon wasn’t afraid to respond to his critics.
When Michael Symon followed the advice of the late Anthony Bourdain’s advice that butter tastes better on everything, several social media users were apparently shocked. Symon uses eggs, salt, and some room temperature butter whisked together in his soft scrambled eggs recipe, and he also adds a little butter to the pan and scrambles the eggs on it.
Although pretty straightforward, one Twitter user exclaimed, “That's an insane amount of butter,” to which Symon replied, “1/4 stick...2-3 servings [...] there are cups of sugar in cakes and such...which is like 100 times worse for you.” Symon’s recipe is meant for two or three people, so it’s a reasonable amount, as a 1/4 stick of butter is just two tablespoons — which is within the daily recommended amount.