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Why Twitter Is Coming For GBBO's Rebs
Rebs Lightbody from Season 13 of the Great British Bake Off got first place in Episode 2’s “Biscuit Week,” but this success is apparently not the norm for the baker. Twitter has picked up on Rebs' curious habit of soliciting help from her fellow contestants in almost every challenge and finds it galling.
@HareBrainedIdea tweeted, "Not sure how many times Rebs can get away with demanding help from the other contestants,” while another user complained, "She is criminal with it. Every challenge." Even Giuseppe Dell'Anno, Season 12 GBBO winner, warned Rebs that she’s playing it a little too close to the edge.
Despite the program's competitive nature, though, it does have a history of contestants helping each other, with Season 4’s Ali Imdad saying, "If one member is failing, once people are finished they'll go and help them out." So, perhaps there is a lot more "helping" on Season 13, and the producers simply edited it out.