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Why You Might Not See Rice Krispies On Shelves For A While

Even though Rice Krispies cereal isn’t exactly healthy, it’s still enjoyed by millions of Americans each and every year. However, during your recent grocery shopping trip, you may have noticed that your local store didn't have any boxes of the iconic cereal in stock.

This is because of a 2021 worker strike which ended up causing countless food shortage problems across the globe. In October of 2021, 1,400 workers at Kellogg’s company’s cereal plants in several states went on strike, hoping to receive better pay and benefits, and to counteract loss of health care and holiday pay.

Additionally, Kellogg’s suffered more than 11 weeks of production delays. Time will only tell when Rice Krispies will be back on store shelves, but it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.

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