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Why You Might Start Seeing 'Wet' Potato Chips On Store Shelves
One Japanese snack manufacturer has recently turned the potato chip formula on its head by introducing wet chips. The curious snack item is meant to emulate "nure senbai" a kind of damp rice cracker, and feels moist to the touch right out of the bag thanks to a soy sauce coating.
Snack maker Calbee’s moist chip features a wider-than-average cut and retains a bit of crunch when bitten into, despite the soy soaking. Even though some shoppers didn’t like them, and the fact that the design of the product allows the chips to expire faster, Calbee, nevertheless, plans to expand throughout Japan.
While Americans will have to wait to get their hands on a bag of these chips, some have started to DIY the snack at home. You can make the chips at home with this one ingenious snack fan’s recipe — soy glaze made with sake, soy sauce, and sugar, ladled over thick-cut potato chips, and microwaved.