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Why You Might Want To Stop Drinking French Press Coffee
Habitual coffee drinkers are always engaged in the debate to decide whether French press coffee is superior to drip. While most coffee bloggers place the French press coffee flavor above drip, here’s why the filterless method might not be your best bet.
Some experts have detailed how the fatty substance encasing coffee beans known as diterpenes can increase your body's bad cholesterol. Cafestol concentration — a diterpene variation — “is 300 times greater” in French press coffee than the filtered varieties, according to cardiologist Robert Fishberg.
A 2022 study revealed that drinking unfiltered coffee increases the body’s LDL cholesterol based on the diterpenes level, leading experts to suggest filtered coffee. Although cafestol concentration has been found to be higher in plunge brew methods, more research is needed to understand the other factors contributing to the high levels of LDL cholesterol.