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Why You Probably Won't Get A Taste Of Wendy's Newest Frosty Flavor

Wendy's famous Frostys mainly come in two flavors — vanilla and chocolate — with rare variations such as strawberry, Lucky Charms, and Chocolate Lover's. For fall of 2022, the fast food chain is introducing an all-new seasonal Frosty flavor, but if you live in the U.S. and want to try this autumnal treat, you may be out of luck.

The caramel apple Frosty consists of a vanilla base infused with apple syrup and topped with a caramel drizzle. This flavor is exclusive to Canada, which is sad for U.S. folks who want to try it, but good news for vanilla Frosty fans; the caramel apple Frosty takes the place of vanilla on the Canadian menu, making the classic flavor unavailable for now.

Wendy's actually tested a similar item in the U.S. in 2011; the caramel apple parfait Frosty consisted of layers of vanilla Frosty, caramel, brown sugar granola, and apple slices. Apparently, this parfait melted into a mess pretty quickly, so hopefully the new caramel apple Frosty will fare better — perhaps even well enough to come to the States.