A bowl of rice.

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Why You Should Be Cooking Your Rice With Some Vinegar
The proper cooking method for rice is a matter of preference and tradition, as is how much water or salt to use. Some home cooks rinse their rice before cooking to remove starch and make it fluffier, and while tap water will do the trick, vinegar may be a better ingredient for light and fluffy rice.
Replacing water with certain liquids can change the texture without affecting the flavor. Adding white vinegar to long-grain white rice creates fluffier rice without altering the taste, as the acid acts like a rinsing agent to remove extra starch from the grain and prevent the sticky starch from congealing in the pot.
For every cup of rice, add one teaspoon of white vinegar and two cups of liquid, cover the rice, and lower the heat when the water boils. Once the water has been absorbed, use a fork to remove any clumps, and adjust the seasoning with Kosher salt, fresh herbs, or another liquid like citrus or soy sauce to taste.