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Why You Should Be Mixing Cocoa Powder Into Your Coffee Grounds
For chocolate lovers, perfecting the homemade mocha is essential. Although many coffees with chocolate can be quite sweet, you can get the same richness in your drink without using syrup by adding some unsweetened cocoa powder into your coffee grounds before you brew.
Cocoa powder doesn't dissolve in water easily, so the best way to add this ingredient to your coffee is by adding the powder directly to your coffee grounds. For a full pot of coffee, you can add one to one-and-a-half tablespoons of cocoa powder depending on your tastes and how much coffee you're making.
If you're only making one cup of coffee or using an espresso pod, pour a bit of your hot water into a mug and mix in some cocoa powder to form a paste before adding in your coffee to help incorporate the cocoa powder into your drink more efficiently. You can also try melting a chocolate bar into your espresso!