whole cloves of garlic next to individual cloves on a cutting board with knife

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Why You Should Let Chopped Garlic Relax Before Throwing It In A Pan
Garlic is a super ingredient that can fight colds, lower blood pressure, and contribute to better heart health. There are many ways to add more garlic into your diet — chop or slice it coarsely for a milder taste, or crush the cloves for a stronger flavor — but always remember to "chop, then stop" to unlock its superpower.
Letting chopped or crushed garlic rest at room temperature for about 15 minutes allows the sulfide compound allicin to develop. Allicin has anti-inflammatory and infection-fighting properties, and according to studies from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), it can also prevent cancer development.
The "chop, then stop" principle also applies to garlic prepped using a garlic press, as well as whole garlic bulbs that are sliced and roasted whole in the oven. So, prepare your garlic, let it rest while you chop up the rest of the ingredients or set the table, and your meal will be as nutrient-packed as it is delicious.