Grilled corn cobs on wooden background, top view

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Why You Should Make Corn On The Cob In Your Air Fryer
Air fryers have become a recent kitchen staple, and one of the things you can easily make in it for your summer barbecues is corn on the cob. Using an air fryer will make your corn golden and crisp, cook it faster than the grill, and it won't heat your house as much as boiling water or preheating the oven would.
An important tip to follow while cooking corn in an air fryer is making sure to add some type of oil or butter and seasoning to your corn before you cook it. Other useful tips include cutting the corn into smaller pieces and turning the corn halfway through the cooking process for even cooking.
After finding your perfect recipe for cooking corn in an air fryer, you can either choose the classic method of eating corn off the cob, or create a fancy, new side dish. Try making Mexican street corn with cotija cheese and spice, or a refreshing corn salad with onions, tomatoes, and herbs.