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Why You Should Make Portobello Mushrooms In Your Air Fryer
Portobello mushrooms are rather large in size, and they are often served stuffed, grilled, or even fried. Although they have a “meaty” taste and texture, when fried in a traditional manner, portobello mushrooms become soggy as the increased moisture gets drawn out from them.
The air fryer, though, is a game changer, as its higher temperature helps create an environment that quickly evaporates the water in these shrooms, leaving them with a chewy, meat-like texture on the inside, and a crispy and crunchy texture on the outside.
You can air fry portobello mushroom caps all by themselves or in thick slices. These mushrooms take only eight minutes to go from the air fryer to the table and to get a perfect bite, the blog Cook It Real Good recommends shaking your air fryer basket every few minutes while cooking.