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Why You Should Never Buy Brand-Name Items At Aldi
Aldi does not work with another company to source their merchandise and 90 percent of the goods sold in Aldi are produced under the brand's private labels. Although you might be tempted to pick up some brand-name items instead of making a stop at another store, this isn’t the best decision if you are concerned with savings.
The best way to keep costs low while shopping at Aldi is to only purchase their private label items. Aldi does carry some brand-name items, but these are generally not going to be any cheaper in Aldi than in another store, and Aldi does not accept coupons and you may even save more money purchasing brand-name products in other stores that do.
Aldi explains their coupon policy on their website as such: the chain negotiates with companies to score the best deal possible on the products, which shoppers will then see reflected in the original price. The already low price makes it impossible to accept any coupons outside of the ones given out by Aldi.