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Why You Should Never Buy Name-Brand Cereal From Dollar Tree
As of 2022, food inflation is the worst it's been in over 40 years, and Dollar Tree is on the verge of losing its "dollar store" status as the company increases its prices. You may still consider buying food from Dollar Tree — after all, its prices still seem like a steal — but you should think twice, especially if you want to buy breakfast cereal.
When shopping for name-brand cereal at Dollar Tree, you can actually lose money if you buy any bag bigger than a snack size. For example, a six-pack of Lucky Charms at Dollar Tree will run you $7.50, but Walmart can offer you a 29.1 oz mega-size box of the “magically delicious” cereal for only $5.98.
The only way to save money on cereal at Dollar Tree is to buy smaller boxes or bags; the aforementioned Lucky Charms costs $1.25 for a 3.1-ounce package. However, if you or your family eat your cereal more than once a week, it’s best to avoid Dollar Tree and buy a big box at a real grocery store.