Potato salad with mayonnaise and spring onion, selective focus

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Why You Should Stop Adding Mayo To Your Potato Salad

There are thousands of variations of potato salad recipes, and a good number of them are made with mayonnaise. However, this tried and true ingredient has a dark side, specifically in regard to the salad’s shelf life.

According to the FDA, foods that require refrigeration, such as mayonnaise-based potato salads, are prone to spoiling within the first two hours of being brought out to room temperature. Mayonnaise-based potato salad does not work too well for outdoor parties either, since the dish is only safe to eat in an outdoor climate for about an hour.

In addition, combining mayonnaise with potatoes will result in a heavier dish. My Recipes recommends using other alternatives that will still lead to delicious outcomes, such as white balsamic vinaigrette, champagne vinegar, and white distilled vinegar.