Acrylamide is a chemical substance that is created naturally in food products that contain starch during daily cooking processes at high temperatures (frying, cooking, roasting and also during industrial processes at 248ºF/120ºC and at low humidity).
Several public organizations and medical organizations warn that excessive cooking of starchy foods or cereal products generate acrylamide, an organic compound that is potentially carcinogenic.

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Why You Shouldn't Make Toast In Your Air Fryer
Since its inception, the air fryer has become the preferred method for preparing burger patties, roast chicken, pizza, fish, cheese sticks, French fries, and more. In the air fryer, food is cooked by a continuous draught of hot air, which can be achieved by the fryer’s heating mechanism and a fan.
Although the device prepares healthy food and is universal in cooking applications, some utensils and cooking methods cannot be replaced. Air fryers are a no-no for anything wet batter, meats that you want to be cooked medium rare, and bread — which is why toast in an air-fryer is a bad idea.
Bread, being light, is prone to become airborne in the air fryer, and it will blow around under the high-pressure hot draught, creating a mess of crumbs and essentially defeating the whole purpose of simplicity. To avoid this mess and not add to your workload, it’s best to stick to toasters.