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Why You Won't Find The McPlant At US McDonald's Locations Anymore
In November 2020, McDonald’s debuted the vegan option of McPlant made with Beyond meatless patties at eight restaurants in the US, which would go up to 600 restaurants in Dallas Fort Worth and Bay Area. However, the restaurant operators would quickly realize that McDonald’s only vegan option wasn’t selling anywhere near expectations.
BTIG analyst Peter Saleh found that in San Francisco, McPlant was moving barely 125 to 300 sandwiches weekly, while the sandwiches at Dallas Fort Worth moved at 30% below projections. Although McPlant still appears as an offer on the McDonald's website, various reports indicate the specialty sandwich is no longer being served in the US.
As it turns out, the McPlant will probably not disappear entirely as it’s still available in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland. However, the McPlant might not be coming back to the US or North America as a whole, unless the prices are brought down, and the product is adjusted in a way to appeal to plant-based food lovers.