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Why You Won't See Diet Snapple In The Store Anymore
Once a popular choice, Diet Snapple is now getting a make-over as the word "diet" has lost its luster. Per Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer, PepsiCo Beverages North America, "Younger people just don't like the word 'diet," and the word is no longer part of the body positive movement.
Recognizing that words matter, Snapple has decided to replace “Diet Snapple” with “Snapple Zero Sugar,” while maintaining that the flavors themselves will remain the same. The six existing Snapple flavors — including the new Kiwi Strawberry flavor — have all been renamed "Zero Sugar."
Per Keurig, Dr. Pepper's VP of brand marketing, "The decision to reposition Diet Snapple to Snapple Zero Sugar was a choice made to deliver on our consumer's needs. We're committed to the innovation behind the better-for-you zero sugar that still delivers the same great taste that our consumers have known and loved for decades."
Changing only the outside, however, might just be slapping a bandaid on a bigger problem. Fooducate gives Diet Snapple a C+ for "containing controversial artificial sweeteners" and having no antioxidants, while Is It Bad For You gives it an F, blatantly claiming that the beverage is indeed bad for you.