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Why You're Cracking An Egg All Wrong, According To José Andrés
Chef José Andrés is a genius in the kitchen, and is renowned for his warm-hearted generosity towards those in need. Luckily for us all, his generosity also extends towards helping people with basic kitchen tasks, too — like the proper and safe way to crack an egg.
While most of us crack an egg by simply hitting it against the edge of a bowl or cup, Andrés says in an Instagram video, “This is Salmonella 101!" The force of breaking an egg against an edge causes the eggshell to break into the inside of the egg, potentially contaminating the interior.
According to Andrés, the right way to break an egg is against a flat surface — like a table or cutting board — which causes less intense pressure to the shell, and prevents salmonella from getting into your eggs. Chef Andrés’ trick, though, will allow you to use the yolk and white safely and easily.