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Yes, Seasoned Charcoal Now Exists For Your Grill

Although master grillers have used smokers, wood chips, and even charcoal to boost the taste of dishes forever, many people want more than a hint of hickory, a mention of mesquite, or a peppering of pecan. With the new seasoned charcoal from Kingsford, the sizzle from the grill mimics the seasoning on the food.

Kingsford Signature Flavors’ line of seasoned charcoal comes in three flavors — Garlic Onion Paprika, Basil Sage Thyme, and Cumin Chili. They are designed to elevate the "sensory experience" and to enhance the grilling flavor while cooking.

Seasoned charcoal could be an easy way to boost the flavors in a dish, but some Redditors question the usefulness of this flavored charcoal, even if the flavorings work. Adding layers of flavor to a dish is essential, but whether this is a good way to do it remains to be seen.