The 'Nduja is a particular type of sausage of the Calabrian tradition.

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You Can Actually Buy 'Nduja At Some Popular Grocery Stores
Of all the things that Italy has contributed to the global food scene, 'nduja (en-doo-ya) may be one of the tastiest. It’s been enjoying a moment in the spotlight, and chefs have caught on to the craze, too, so if the idea of a spicy, spreadable sausage sounds good to you, finding some might be as easy as visiting the grocery store.
Good 'nduja should only have pork, salt, Calabrian chilies, and lactic acid, a preservative required in America by the FDA. Trader Joe's has a version (labeled Spicy Salami Spread) with added tomato paste that is pretty close to the real thing, while Whole Foods carries La Quercia brand 'nduja.
Wal-Mart sometimes also carries the La Quercia brand, while Kroger and World Market stock their own versions; of course, ‘nduja can also be found at online retailers from Amazon to specialty sites like Gusto Grocery. Just be careful — once you start keeping 'nudja on hand it's likely you'll never want to be without it.