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You May Be Able To Taste The Rainbow With Little Caesars' New Dessert
Little Caesars has been synonymous with affordable and convenient pizza since 1997, and while some may find it pedestrian, there’s no denying the chain has found its niche. People can’t live on pizza, so Little Caesar’s newest menu time is aiming for the customer’s sweet tooth.
According to ChewBoom, Little Caesars is introducing the “Rainbow Blondie Bar,” a vanilla brownie topped with icing and chopped Skittles. Unfortunately, so far the dessert has only been spotted in select locations in Memphis, Tennessee, and Oxford, Mississippi.
The pizza chain has released similar products in the past: 2021’s “M&M’s Minis Cookie Dough Brownie” and a brownie-Twix combo in 2022. Each brownie cost $3.89, so whether the Skittles blondie is good or not, at least it’s affordable.