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You Missed The Boys' Karen Fukuhara In This Taco Bell Commercial
Karen Fukuhara was propelled into super-stardom after being cast as ‘Kimiko’ — the silent assassin with incredible super strength — in Amazon Prime’s superhero series “The Boys.” However, Fukuhara also has one credit to her superhero roles roster that you might not know about: Rei, the anime warrior for Taco Bell.
In 2021, Fukuhara offered her voice talents to an anime-theme trailer of a production called “Fry Force,” which celebrated the return of Taco Bell’s fan-favorite Nacho Fries. The trailer, which is almost a movie in itself, follows Rei as she fights alien monsters that have attacked earth to take the salty, cheese snacks from the people.
The actress shared the ad in an Instagram post last summer, revealing her role in the caption, “Yes, really, @TacoBell made an anime-inspired trailer. Yes, it's for Nacho Fries. And yes, that's my voice as Rei.” Fans loved her performance as the anime heroine, and one user commented in the post, “I would WATCH this show, this movie.”