Basket of brown eggs on wooden surface

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You Should Always Crack An Egg On A Flat Surface. Here’s Why
Eggs are a necessity for countless recipes, and the bits of shell that make their way into mixtures are the bane of many home cooks’ existence. Some people might think that cracking an egg on the side of a bowl or plate results in the cleanest break, but the opposite is actually true.
The best way to crack an egg is on a flat surface so that the membrane stays intact, allowing the small shell fragments to stick to it without mixing with the rest of the egg. Many chefs also crack their eggs into separate bowls since it’s easier to find bits of shell in a translucent raw egg than in a floury batter.
French cooking master Jacques Pepin says that cracking eggs on the countertop instead of the edge of a bowl helps prevent food contamination. Given that the dishes for which Pepin is famous are very egg-centric, he might very well be onto something.