Fried eggs on griddle on yellow background


You Should Be Adding Vinegar To Your Fried (And Scrambled) Eggs
While the recipe for making fried or scrambled eggs involves little more than eggs and low heat, adding some acid during the cooking process can really help their flavor come alive.
Adding a few drops of vinegar when you’re done cooking will help with the taste of your eggs, especially if they’re cooked in butter, as the acid can balance the richness.
You could also try chef Roger Vergé's fried egg technique, which involves a rich yet tangy pan sauce made by reducing wine vinegar with the leftover cooking butter.
Vinegar can also help with preparing eggs. If you add a touch of acid when whipping egg whites, the chemical reaction can decrease the beating time and enhance the fluff factor.
Eggs boiled in vinegar-spiked water are known to be easier to peel, while those poached with a little vinegar better maintain their shape.