Pizza with pieces of ham and pineapple

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You Should Never Ask For Pineapple Pizza In Italy. Here's Why
Whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza has long been one of the most heated debates in the culinary world. However, as the birthplace of the OG pizza, Italy has every right to decide what does and what doesn't belong on pizza.
The majority of Italians tend to stick to the toppings that have been around since the beginning — cheese, tomatoes, basil, and pepperoni, for example. According to a Huffington Post writer from Florence, if you order pineapple pizza in Italy, "you'll be greeted with a look of sheer horror by a flabbergasted waiter."
Nevertheless, some Italian chefs have begrudgingly added pineapple as an optional pizza topping at their restaurants to satisfy American customers. However, don't expect canned tidbits or rings — you'll likely get fresh-cut pineapple as the chef's compromise to lowering their pizza standards.