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You Should Never Buy Eggs From Aldi. Here's Why
Next time you're looking for eggs, you might want to skip sourcing them from Aldi, and if you're going to buy Aldi, buy organic. Aldi's cheaper eggs are branded Goldhen, which are sourced from Rose Acre Farms — one of the country's largest egg suppliers that happens to have a terrible rap sheet.
In 2019, the company went on public record trying to push back on California state regulations safeguarding animal rights. More troubling still is that the unsanitary conditions that Rose Acre Farms has come under constant scrutiny for in the last decade are not solely an animal rights issue.
Earlier FDA investigations in 2012 led to 206 million eggs being recalled domestically, and the same salmonella-infected eggs were also shipped to islands and territories where the FDA has no authority to intervene. Regardless, stay away from Aldi’s Goldhen eggs and try the cage-free organic Simple Nature eggs instead.