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You Should Never Buy Nonstick Pans From The Pioneer Woman. Here's Why
In 2015, when The Pioneer Woman introduced the line of Vintage Speckle and Cast Iron Cookware, the cute design, reasonable price points, and nonstick functionality made them seem like a must-buy. However, when the 800-plus reviews started coming, some of them weren’t very satisfactory or positive.
Walmart shoppers quickly discovered that their Pioneer Woman-brand cookware’s nonstick coating chipped and flaked after just a few uses, as a 1-star reviewer commented, “After using it like 3 times, there's a black spot.” Another person complained, “After about three uses I went back to my old set cause [the pans] started flaking.”
Although people’s annoyance is justified because their $89.99 was wasted, rest assured that your chipped and scratched pans are pretty harmless, especially those with PFOA-free coatings, like the ones that Ree Drummond sold. Even if the flakes of coating are ingested, they'll just pass through your digestive system.